President Joe has, once again, tested positive for COVID!

He’s vaccinated, masked and boosted and yet…here we are!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

It isn’t Groundhog Day but yes indeed it’s true, Joe has COVID again!

The White House doctor says he has a rare case of “rebound positivity.” Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if our economy had some of that?!

Speaking of working, the White House says Joe will be working in isolation again. Not sure how much work he’s getting done but, I digress.

The first go-around Joe had mild symptoms and now less than two weeks later, he has no symptoms.

This is great news for Joe and for the rest of us who have been wondering why COVID- a now glorified cold- is still being used as a fear tactic and control mechanism!

Why we’d go back to restrictions, masking and fear over COVID is beyond me!

And we should never again mask children in schools- as they are already stupidly doing in some parts of California!

We’ve reached the point of living with COVID and we should never go back. Haven’t we learned our lesson?

Get well soon, Joe!

I’m Tomi Lahren and you can listen to all of my hot takes at

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