“Transformation of a Transgender Teen”: A Journalist Tells One Christian Family’s Story

The parents and children were active church members. They loved Jesus. They believed they were sinners saved by God’s grace. They also believed what the Bible says about gender, that God made us Male and Female, that we are born into as one of those two sexes. So, it was a gut-wrenching surprise when their twelve-year-old daughter decided one day that she was a boy and wanted to be called the pronouns ‘they/them’. What’s a Christian family supposed to do? The secular world celebrates the transgender ideology. At school “Grace” (not her real name) became popular, something she wasn’t before. But when she transitioned back to being a girl, there was only silence. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, journalist Sarah Zylstra talks about her article in “The Gospel Coalition” and her interview with the family about their long journey of walking with Grace through becoming a transgender boy, and then what they did, and didn’t do, that made Grace transition back to being their daughter. As more and more families face this situation, Zylstra’s words shed much needed light on the murky waters of “Rapid-onset Gender Dysphoria.” For this family, it was faith that gave them the strength to obey God, rather than the world.