As America faces its second quarter in a row of negative economic growth, the historical sign of a recession, the White House is saying that the United States is not facing a recession. Amid concerns, the Fed has decided to raise interest rates once again, prompting worries about where the economy is heading. Economist and University of Chicago Professor Austan Goolsbee explains what defines a recession, the steps that the government could take to avoid further inflation, and how raising interest rates could impact Americans.
The U.S. Senate primary in Missouri is set to take place this Tuesday, and it has shaped up to be a high-stakes race on both sides of the political aisle. FOX News Multimedia Reporter based in Missouri, Madison Scarpino shares the general political sentiment amongst Missouri voters, how a Trump endorsement could shift the landscape of this MAGA-oriented GOP race, and how the outcome of this heated race could set the stage for a midterm showdown.