Josh Rogin: Wall Street Will Sell Out America’s National Security To Gain Access To The Chinese Government

Josh Rogin spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the disconnect between the Biden Administration and Nancy Pelosi over her potential visit to Taiwan. Rogin says the Biden Administration is so publically disorganized about how to handle it that it makes it look like they don’t know what they’re doing. Rogin points out that by addressing it publically President Biden not only confirmed the trip, which was supposed to be a secret, but he also gave the Chinese time to threaten everyone which could lead to the U.S. pulling out of the trip completely.

Rogin also addressed talk of removing tariffs on China as well as Wall Street’s role in propping up the Chinese Communist Party. Rogin believes the influx of lobbying money into the Treasury Department and the committees to remove tariffs on China is because Wall Street wants to do a favor for the Chinese Communist Party in hopes they will get a favor in return: more money on their short term balance sheets.

Rogin argues this increases the risk of American investors helping to fund a Chinese Communist Party that’s building a machine to attack our democracy and our way of life.