STARBUCKS Closing Stores in Dangerous Areas

Starbucks is reportedly closing its doors in 16 locations due to unsafe conditions for its workers and patrons.

Care to guess where?

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Well folks, you know our nation has descended into chaos when a coffee shop chain has to close 16 stores due to personal safety concerns.

Those stores are in: Seattle, LA, Philly, DC, and Portland. Imagine my shock and surprise!

In a memo to employees, Starbucks operations VPs cited the national challenges of, “personal safety, racism, lack of access to healthcare, a growing mental health crisis, rising drug use and more” as to why certain stores are closing up shop.

I’m not sure how racism and access to healthcare factor in here, but the part about safety, mental health and rising drug use is spot on. I’d add that it’s no coincidence these stores are closing in the aforementioned cities.

They are all lawless and run by Democrats who do nothing to stop it.

Starbucks might want to embark on a new era of wokeism and political activism, but none of those “pie in the sky” wishes are gonna happen so long as the stores themselves are unsafe for workers and customers alike

Wake up and smell the coffee, Starbucks!

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