Imagine that! A victory for putting on actual clothes and getting off the couch. I’ll take it!

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Gen Z, defined as those born after 1997, often get a bad rap for being lazy, entitled and fragile.

Heck, I’m a Millennial and we have largely the same reputation, and in many cases, it’ well-deserved.

But the findings of a recent national work-for-home survey give me hope.

Turns out, less than a quarter of 20-somethings who can do their jobs remotely want to do so full time.

In fact, according to a survey by “Generation Lab,” 75% of college students are actually concerned they’d miss out on community if they worked in an all-remote setting.

A sense of belonging, mentorship, community and social interaction is more important to the younger generation than our older counterparts, go figure.

Tthe fact that young people want to get out from behind a zoom screen, shower, put on real clothes and GO to work is a welcome revelation.

I’m a firm believer in showing up, to a job, in a setting with other humans. It not only fosters important discussions, but allows for a comradery that cannot be undervalued.

So much of our lives have been relegated to screens and internet connections. Let’s get back to work and back to working with others!


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