Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the June Consumer Price Index coming in at 9.1%, the highest in 40 years. Johnson says we are not creating jobs or growing the labor force and this is a result of President Biden’s radical left ideology. Johnson feels it is insane that the Democrats answer to inflation is more deficit spending. On rumors Senator Schumer is working with Senator Machin on a revised Build Back Better plan, Johnson hopes Manchin realizes if you increase taxes on businesses it would be inflationary and in turn businesses would pass the cost onto consumers and this would reduce economic activity and push us further into a potential recession. Senator Johnson also discussed Berkley Professor Khiara Bridges accusing Senator Hawley of being transphobic and opening up Trans people to violence for not believing men can be pregnant. Johnson says the democrats are detached from reality and the truth, and they’re trying to force those types of falsehoods on the rest of us that we should all believe that men can get pregnant.