An Olympic volleyball star was brutally attacked by a homeless man in the streets of LA.

This is what happens when the culture of lawlessness-aided and abetted by Democrats- becomes the new normal.

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Volleyball player and Olympic medalist Kim Glass was brutally attacked by a homeless man wielding metal pipe. Her injuries are so bad she nearly lost her eye.

This all went down outside of a restaurant in downtown LA and if you’re familiar with downtown LA- or any major California city- this is sadly not surprising.

In an Instagram video posted after the incident, Glass cautioned others to be careful, noting people shouldn’t have to be fearful walking the streets of LA in broad daylight, but that’s the sad truth.

When you combine felon-coddling policies, widespread homelessness and a mental health epidemic- this is what happens.

Decent and law-abiding Americans are afraid to walk around in our own backyards as thugs, felons, degenerates and drugged out lost souls are given a free pass and meanwhile their victims are given little more than a passing headline.

What happened to Kim Glass is not a freak incident or occurrence, it’s par for the course on the streets of LA, San Francisco, New York and other major cities run by Democrats, activist DAs and other do-nothing politicians who throw money at the problem, but little else.

We need law and order. We need to Make America Safe Again.

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