The co-creator of a popular 90s sitcom is apologizing for…pretty much everything about one of America’s favorite shows.

Does the woke crowd have to ruin everything?!

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Marta Kauffman, the co-creator of “Friends” is not just apologizing, but overly apologizing, for everything from lack of racial diversity to treatment of trans characters on the mega popular show.

Apparently the show misidentified as transgender character and didn’t use the correct pronouns when referring to her.

Kaufmann also laments not having enough black representation on the show, even calling it “part of systemic racism” in show business.

OR, OR, could it be that back in the 90s people didn’t overanalyze everything and turn every little thing into a diagnosis of racism, sexism or homophobia!

Look, diversity is always a good thing but to assert the show was a product of racism is utterly absurd. It was a light-hearted show that was actually entertaining- not like the woke garbage they are shoving down our throats and on our screens these days.

Does the woke mob have to swoop in and ruin everything? Even “Friends” for crying out loud!

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