Co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend” Rachel Campos-Duffy joins Fox Across America With guest host Sean Duffy to share her thoughts on the significance of Texas Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores’ recent victory, and why it could be a sign of what is to come in November’s midterm elections.

“They haven’t won that seat for over 100 years. The Democrats have had it for 100 years. Now, this first born in Mexico member has taken over the seat. This is striking fear in the hearts of the Democrat Party because they cannot afford to lose the Mexican-American vote. Republicans have had some luck with Venezuelans and Cubans and Central Americans who’ve had an experience with socialism and communism. But Hispanics who over 60 percent of all Hispanics in the country, have been reliable Democrats. And this is the first time, what you’re seeing with Mayra, what happened in the 2020 election with Donald Trump in South Texas, those seats turning red, this is a movement. And right now, there is no demographic that is more unhappy with the Biden administration, with the America that Biden is turning it us into than Hispanics. And so I think Hispanics are standing up and they’re saying, we don’t like this and we’re going to go somewhere else. And that’s what Nancy’s afraid of. That’s why she’s mad.”

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