The Pelosi Push?!

Did Speaker Nancy Pelosi PUSH a young girl during a photo op?!

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Newly and historically elected GOP Rep Mayra Flores has accused Speaker Nancy of pushing her daughter during a swearing-in ceremony last week.

The video is circulating around social media and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you look it up.

The video shows Speaker Pelosi standing next to Flores’ young daughter, extending her hand and then Nancy appears to elbow the little girl out of her way.

I’m not saying she did, but I’m not saying she didn’t, either! The video is pretty telling!

Mayra Flores is the first Mexican born member of Congress, she won her special election just a few weeks ago and flipped her district RED. The race garnered national attention with even Elon Musk declaring his support and casting his vote for Flores.

I’m sure Nancy wasn’t super happy to see a Republican being sworn in, and that was obvious.

Now, maybe it was an accident but do you think a Republican would be given the benefit of the doubt if the situation were reversed? I don’t think so!

The look of disgust on Nancy’s face tells me everything I need to know. Come on, Nance!

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