Religious Freedom Upheld for Football Coach

The Supreme Court is on a roll this summer.

The high court’s latest ruling is yet another win for the first amendment and religious freedom.

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A former high school football coach was fired- and wrongfully- for praying on the field after games but yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled in his favor!

The 6-3 majority ruled his post-game praying was private speech and did NOT breach the separation of church and state, and I agree!

Coach Kennedy prayed at the 50 yard line AFTER games. He didn’t compel the team to take part. His personal moment of prayer didn’t signal the school’s endorsement of Christianity or any religion, for that matter!

And ironically, the Leftists upset with this decision don’t want prayer in school but are perfectly fine with administrators, teachers and their curriculum pushing the “gender identity” agenda on kindergarteners?!

Imagine that!

Something tells me if Coach Kennedy were kneeling for BLM the school AND the Democrats would have not only allowed it, but celebrated it!

Well too bad, liberty wins, yet again!

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