Publix and the Child VAX

One major grocery store chain will NOT be providing the COVID vaccine to children under 5.

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Publix will not be offering the COVID vaccine to the under 5 age group at this time, though the chain has not yet declared why.

Now if you recall, the Florida-based grocery giant was hand-selected by Governor DeSantis to be an integral player in the initial vaccine rollout.

Last week Florida became the first state NOT to pre-order the newly approved vaccine for those 6 months to 5 years old- though DeSantis never stood in the way of pediatricians and health-care providers ordering them.

Now look, the decision to vaccinate small children lies with the parents- as it should- but I firmly support Publix’s decision to hold off.

Vaccination is a personal choice but the thought of injecting kids 6 months to 5 years old with a vaccine that doesn’t necessarily prevent infection or transmission of COVID seems a little unsettling, at least for me.

And when it comes to Florida and the leadership of
Ron DeSantis, he has been spot on with his COVID response from the beginning.

There should be nothing controversial about taking a pause to assess if pushing shots on young children is the right move.

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