2A Wins in NY!

The Supreme Court has SHUT DOWN New York’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun law!

This is a win for the second amendment, and freedom.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

In its first major gun case in over a decade, the highest court has ruled that New York’s overly restrictive regulations to obtain a concealed handgun are unconstitutional!

Currently, the state requires permit seekers to show “proper cause” for obtaining the license and self-protection apparently isn’t a good enough one.

And while that might sound reasonable to Liberals and gun control advocates, it wasn’t to the Supreme Court.

Clearly New York doesn’t understand the concept of “shall not be infringed!”

Look, there’s a raging national debate over guns, gun laws and gun control but if strict and even UNCONSTITUTIONAL infringements worked, New York, Chicago and LA would be the safest places in the country! Clearly, that’s not the case!

And P.S. to those who are still mystified by the second amendment, it wasn’t written for hunters.

WE THE PEOPLE reserve the right to bear arms and now New Yorkers will be granted that same opportunity!

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