Saudi Arabia Joe

As gas prices soar, Joe Biden plans a trip to Saudi Arabia.

There are a few places right here in the USA I might suggest visiting first, Joe.

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President Biden is slated to visit oil-rich Saudi Arabia in July.

Will this bring down gas prices, well Biden and Democrats sure hope so given we seem to break price records on a weekly basis these days.

The national average has now climbed to $5 a gallon, and in some places much higher than that.

Fuel prices on top of soaring inflation rates are gonna be a huge problem for Democrats in November but they should care less about their electoral risk and more about the struggling American people, for a change!

And hey Joe, if you want to lower the price of gas, perhaps instead of visiting Saudi Arabia or any other FOREIGN nation, you should take a trip to my home state of South Dakota where you SHUT DOWN the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Then after that, maybe take a trip to the southern border so you can see the damage you created there, too.

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