Monkeypox Name Change

The World Health Organization is renaming “monkeypox” because apparently, it’s “discriminatory and stigmatizing.”

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Despite the best efforts of the liberal media, Americanas still don’t seem to be buying into the hysteria of “monkeypox.”

Perhaps 2 plus years of COVID fear tactics has us a little fed up.

But when it comes to monkeypox, apparently the name itself is causing the biggest trigger, at least for some.

The WHO put out a statement saying it is working with partners and experts from around the world to rename the virus after a group of 30 scientists cited the current name as being “discriminatory and stigmatizing.”

Pardon me, but perhaps instead of wasting time on assembling a team to rename the virus, maybe they should dedicate that time and energy into..I don’t know..fighting the virus?

If woke 2020 taught us anything, it’s that changing the names of things doesn’t do diddly squat to solve problems!

Priorities, people, priorities!

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