New Zealand’s “Burp Tax”?

I kid you not, folks, New Zealand hopes to implement a “burp tax” on cows and sheep.

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There are a lot of outrageous taxes on the books but this proposed “burp tax” on livestock may be the most outlandish, yet.

In a bizarre strategy to combat climate change, New Zealand’s government wants to tax farmers for the methane emitted by their livestock.

Yes, that would mean a tax on cow burps and flatulence. Advocates for this plan insist this move is necessary given sheep and cattle outnumber their human population.

I’m sure AOC as well as the entire state of California are inspired and drafting a similar plan as we speak.

This kind of thing is, after all, a Democrats dream: tax the blue collar and rural workers just trying to make a living all to appease virtue signaling politicians and celebrities who fly around in private jets and charter yachts on a whim.

This New Zealand tax plan gives a whole now meaning to the term “laughing stock.”

Not even animals are safe from the climate change zealots!

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