Gun Grab?

A bipartisan group of Senators came together on a gun control agreement, proving that it’s not just Democrats who don’t understand what “shall not be infringed” means.

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10 Republicans joined with Democrats on a sweeping gun control reform bill and while not all of its tenants are necessarily bad, some raise some “red flags” of their own.

I’m not against increased investment in mental health programs or school security resources.

I’m not against keeping guns out of the hands of those who truly are mentally unwell or seek to do harm.

I’m not even against enhanced background checks for minors. That’s all fine and dandy, on its face.

What me and others like me or concerned about is where this all goes next. Give the government an inch, they take a mile.

The complete loss of our rights always starts with little infringements discussed as “reasonable” and “for the greater good.” The gun grab didn’t start here and it won’t end here.

Stay vigilant, 2A advocates.

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