Jonathan Swan: January 6th Hearings Will Not Make President Trump Unable To Run Again in 2024

Jonathan Swan spoke to Brian Kilmeade about what impact he thinks the January 6th hearings are having. Swan says he never thought that these hearings would have much of an impact on public opinion because most people have made up their mind. Swan also points to how the Biden Administration is not talking about the hearings because they don’t think it will have an impact on the midterms as they are trying to figure out a message on inflation and other issues affecting Americans. Swan is extremely skeptical that the January 6th committee will make President Trump politically unviable and unable to run again in 2024. Swan does agree that there are a large number of Republican elites in Washington along with big GOP doners who would like to see Donald Trump go away and prefer Governor DeSantis to President Trump in 2024.

Plus, Swan on how Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has to keep the West from becoming bored as their war against Russia becomes a war of attrition.