Joy Behar Does it Again!

Just when we thought the things coming out of Joy Behar’s mouth couldn’t get any more delusional or absurd, she upped the ante!

I’m Tomi Lahren, I’ll tell you all about it, next.

Joy Behar is known to say some pretty wild things perched behind the table of the “The View” but this week she took it to a new level saying- and I quote-

“Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change.”

Um, excuse me Joy…not only do black people already have guns, black gun ownership
INCREASED in 2020!

In fact in 2020, the largest firearm sales increase came not only black men, but black women- increasing by 58.2%!

And it wasn’t just black Americans- 2020 itself was a year long advertisement for the Second Amendment and those who quickly learned in a lawless America dedicated to coddling criminals AND defunding police, WE THE PEOPLE may have to become our own first responders!

And when it comes to gun infringements and talk of banning this or that, I’ll remind Joy Behar that monsters, thugs, felons and terrorists don’t abide by laws in general- let alone gun control laws.

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