Biden Gaslights on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

President Biden goes on late night TV to trash Republicans, gun owners and of course- Donald Trump.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Boy, you’d think given the umpteen crises facing the nation he supposedly runs, Joe Biden would have something better to do with his time than appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” but apparently not.

But instead of taking accountability for the mess he’s created, he took aim at gun owners, the GOP and Donald Trump.

He also repeated his new favorite jab, factitiously labeling the GOP the “MAGA Party.”

Perhaps the best part- and when I say part I mean GASLIGHT- was when Biden accused Donald Trump of abusing the Constitution and Republicans for endangering democracy.

Projecting much, Joe?

If Joe thought THAT disaster of an interview would help his dismal 39% approval rating or provide Americans with any comfort as we drown in inflation, crime, and high gas prices, he was, as usual, sorely mistaken!

Maybe instead of going on late night TV, he could visit our southern border, but I won’t hold my breath!

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