No Jab Mandate for Special Olympics! 

The Special Olympics are underway in Orlando and thanks to Governor DeSantis, a COVID vaccine mandate won’t sideline any of its participants!

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COVID vaccine mandates have been a dark cloud over those in the sports community who wish to compete- but don’t want to be forced to get the jab to do so.

But thanks to Florida’s governor, participants at this year’s Special Olympics don’t have to make that choice.

DeSantis threatened the organization with a $27.5 million fine if they violated his state’s vaccine passport ban, and the organization backed down!

Contrary to what those in the leftist media say, this is not only a win for unvaccinated athletes but a win for health choice and freedom!

Forcing these participants-who have already battled countless obstacles in life and sport- to have a vaccine they do not want is WRONG!

This is why people love DeSantis and this is why so many are fleeing to FREE states that don’t force this kind of twisted compliance on its people and visitors!

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