Caravan Catastrophe

One of the largest caravans to date is headed to our southern border and if you think thousands aren’t gonna waltz in, you haven’t been paying attention!

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Up to 15,000 migrants from Central America, Venezuela, Cuba,
Haiti and God only knows where else, are amassing in one of the largest caravans to date and you guessed it, they are heading to our border and are calling for the repeal of Title 42- the COVID area policy and about the only border enforcement mechanism remaining.

This massive run at our border isn’t the first and won’t be the last so long as the Biden Administration and Democrat Party remains dedicated to illegals over Americans and illegal immigration over border enforcement.

And if you think we can absorb tens of thousands of people in addition to the 2 million plus we’ve let in under Biden, you’re wrong.

What’s happening at our border isn’t legal, isn’t sustainable, compassionate or the American Dream, it’s what happens when Democrats and a culture of lawlessness take over.

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