Woke Pizza Hut

We’ve reached peak WOKENESS in the month of June as our favorite companies bend over backwards to show their support of the LBGTQ community and while there’s nothing wrong with rainbows and pride, one popular pizza giant has taken it perhaps a step too far.

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Pizza Hut’s reading program now features a “drag kids” book for children as young as kindergarten.

It’s titled “Big Wig” and is a picture book that celebrates drag kids.

Now I’m generally not a fan of boycotting companies but what business does a PIZZA COMPANY have in spreading the woke agenda, and to children, no less?

Call me old fashioned, but what happened to letting kids be kids? Why is there this new and increasingly aggressive effort sponsored and funded by major corporations to sexualize children?

It’s hard enough to navigate adolescence without pop culture and now even FOOD corporations trying to play parent and influencer. Woke is a joke and too much woke could maybe, just maybe, mean going broke!

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