National gas prices have DOUBLED since Biden took office and, surprise surprise, he’s blaming everyone but himself!

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Over the weekend gas prices went up another 5 cents- and that was just from Friday to Saturday! The national average now sits at over $4.80 per gallon.

In California where Democrat leaders never met a tax they didn’t like, drivers are now spending an average of $6. 24 cents per gallon!

Well, the day Biden took office, the average price nationwide was less than $2.40 per gallon!

But the president and his Democrat enablers insist it’s not their fault.

The White House is still sticking to their “Putin’s Price Hike” charade, but prices were steadily increasing long before Russian forces touched Ukraine!

No, you can’t pass the buck to the war in Ukraine when it’s Biden’s WAR ON AMERICAN ENERGY that’s crippling our production.

Hours into office Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline and has since been committed to appeasing climate change warriors over the average consumer!

Joe, stop kowtowing to the environmental extremists and start making gas prices and AMERICA affordable again or we’ll be happy to find a new president who will! 2024 can’t come soon enough!

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