‘Inflation Is Hammering Us Heavily’: Jon Taffer On The Effect Inflation Is Having On The Restaurant Industry

Jon Taffer, Host and executive producer of Bar Rescue and author of The Power Of Conflict: Speak Your Mind And Get The Results You Want joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about his new book and the effects inflation is having on the restaurant and bar industry.

Taffer talked about the hammering effect inflation is having on the industry by saying,

“Well, inflation is hammering us heavily. The labor issue is hammering us heavily. What’s interesting, guys, most restaurant companies are between 15. And 25% ahead in sales from pre-COVID levels. So it’s interesting, you know, we talked while back, aren’t people going to come back? Is there pent up demand and how quickly will they come back? Well, they came back and they came back in big numbers. Now, we don’t have the staff to serve them properly and the cost is is insurmountable in some cases.”