Bill Melugin Details Timeline Of Uvalde Elementary School Massacre

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Bill Melugin, National correspondent for Fox News joined the Guy Benson Show to detail the timeline of the Uvalde Texas elementary school shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

Melugin recapped Friday’s presser that left many stunned saying,

“My second biggest takeaway is Texas DPS is strongly criticizing the decision by local police to not reach that room. They said the incident commander, who was the Uvalde School District Police chief, decided to treat it as a barricade situation instead of an active shooter situation. And Texas DPS, the director Steve McCraw, said there’s no excuse for that. And in hindsight, that was absolutely the wrong decision because the active shooter doctrine they teach is you go straight to that threat and you neutralize it. So what happened instead was there was a 45 minute span where those those officers, there were 19 officers waiting in the hallway while there were people making 911 calls from inside the classroom, teachers, children asking for help. But the on scene commander decided. They were going to treat it as a barricade. They were not going to breach it. They were going to call a tactical team and wait for backup instead. And Guy, I think that’s going to be a very tough pill for parents to swallow considering some of those children may have been alive inside of that classroom, maybe bleeding out in a situation like that. Seconds and minutes matter. If they could have gotten to the hospital sooner, who knows? But that, as you said, was was quite a stunner of a press conference. Bottom line, we learned that from the moment police encountered him in the school to the moment he was shot and killed. It was an hour and 15 minutes.”