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Bill Melugin, National correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show from Robb elementary school where 19 children and two teachers were gunned down in a school shooting massacre.

Melugin described the mood of the devastated Texas community by saying,

“Yeah. Look, everybody’s crushed. This is a tight-knit community. Only about 15,000. When we finished with our live shots last night. The mayor called me Mayor Dominic McLoughlin. We know each other because we’re usually covering the border. Not a you know, not a mass shooting. And he was he was really struggling with what what happened yesterday. He had two staffers who found out they lost children in the attack as we were driving up here. We got word off the record that this was going to be very bad. We were hearing 14 dead. And once we got on scene, when we got to that civic center yesterday, we saw people bawling, crying, leaving the building. They’d clearly just gotten some horrible news. There was a private room inside of that building where when the door opened up, you could see inside it was family members and loved ones waiting for information. You could hear a pin drop in there. It was pretty hard to see that.”