Chris Christie: If Trump Continues To Look Backwards, He Is Not Going To Be A Political Force In The Republican Party For Much Longer

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Chris Christie, Former Governor of New Jersey Governor joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the primary election results from several states. Including Gorgia where President Trump’s endorsed candidates lost major races.

The former New Jersey Governor reacted to Trump’s big loss on endorsements by saying,

“So this is a double loss for Donald Trump. One, he completely misevaluated the political scene in Georgia and the record of Brian Kemp. Two, he continues to be obsessed with this baloney that the election was stolen in Georgia. And it’s nothing more than absolute baloney and no one else is obsessed with it.”

Christie added,

“The mainstream media will overinterpret this as being the end of Donald Trump in the Republican Party, and it is far from it. But what it shows you is if he continues to look backwards, guy, he is not going to be a political force in this party for much longer.