Co-founder and CEO of The Federalist Sean Davis joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to react to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claiming the American people have a comfort level with their economic situation.

“They don’t care. They have no perspective. A lot of people use the term the Acela class, or the laptop class. But in general, the people who are kind of just fine with everything imploding around them are that way because they have nothing really at stake. I mean, what’s Pelosi worth? Several hundred million dollars? Not only do they not have to get up and make things with their hands and make a sale in order to eat every day, they don’t even know people who have to do that. They don’t go and fill up their own cars. They’re driven everywhere. They don’t have to buy their own plane tickets. They use their Congressional budgets funded by us to do it. They’re utterly divorced from the reality of everyday life.”

Plus, Sean and Jimmy talk about why they think Disney is no longer a family-friendly company. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!