After the CDC announced plans to terminate Title 42 in early April, many Americans expressed concerns that the U.S. may be ill-prepared to welcome an influx of migrants into the country. To prevent potential chaos at the border, U.S. District Judge Robert Summerhays has issued an injunction that prohibits the Biden Administration from lifting Title 42 on May 23rd, the day the CDC initially planned to end it. Today, Florida Republican Congressman Michael Waltz joins the Rundown to discuss why the border crisis is quickly becoming a prominent national security threat, and how prematurely lifting Title 42 could do harm to every state despite its intent to regulate crossings at the southern border. He also touches on how the baby formula shortage is affecting American families from his perspective as the father of a four-month-old son.

UFOs are not a laughing matter. That was the message last week after Congress held its first hearing on the subject since the 1960s. Both lawmakers and the Pentagon now say the videos of unidentified aerial phenomena are real and should be taken seriously. Whether the objects are from another world or a foreign adversary, there is growing urgency to identify who created them. Retired four-star general David Perkins joins the Rundown to explain what kind of aircrafts they could be and why UAPs could pose a threat to our country’s national security.

Plus, commentary by Republican strategist Colin Reed.