Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to question why the US has a baby formula shortage but Mexico doesn’t.

“So you explain to me, why we have a shortage in this country, but if you drive down across the border in Mexico, you don’t have a shortage. And I’m not talking about for the illegal aliens that we have, by the way, a warehouse full of this stuff down in the Donna facility. I’m talking about in Mexico. You look at the pictures, their grocery stores are filled with formula. We don’t have it because our FDA spuriously shut down the biggest manufacturer. And so instead,  what we did last night is they voted on this thing. They said we’re going to give more power to the people who caused this and they’re going to be able to go out and basically corner the market on baby formula so that the people who get women, infant, children benefits. That’s half of the formula distributed. They will have all of it and the rest of the country, in other words, the other half they’re not. There’s going to be a shortage for them.”

Rep Biggs and Jimmy also have fun with the ludicrous idea that men can get pregnant. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!