Host of “The Will Cain Podcast” and co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend” Will Cain joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to discuss the memo Netflix issued to its employees saying workers who are offended by the content they are producing should leave the company.

“I have accused corporate America of being spineless and weak, and I think they are. I don’t know if it’s true to their nature or if it’s an epidemic. What I mean is, you don’t really get to be the CEO of major American corporations by sniveling your way to the top. You don’t usually get there by being spineless, but there’s been some kind of epidemic of spinelessness once you’re there. So what I’m getting at is I’m sure that a lot of these CEOs are tired of taking orders from the cubicles. Right? I’m sure they’re tired of living in fear of the HR department. And sooner or later, they go, you know what? I got hired to make money and make this a good product. Maybe I should get back to it.”

Plus, Jimmy and Will talk about why the Left now views Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a villain. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!