Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) Blasts Biden For Sitting In ‘Silence’ Over Protests Outside Justices Homes

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the pro abortion protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices’.

Senator Scott blasted Biden over his ‘Silence’ on the major protests outside Supreme Court justices homes by saying,

“Gosh, I cannot have ever imagined the day where we would be talking about the physical security of the Supreme Court justices because of an issue they’re going to rule on. You think back through the storied history of our courts. You can’t imagine that this day, 2022, we would see angry, vicious, aggressive crowds assembled for one purpose to intimidate the justices. We know that this is wrong and illegal, and yet the president of our United States sits in silence.”

Senator Scott also lambasted Senator Chuck Schumer over his aggressive language directed at conservative Supreme Court Justices by saying,

“There’s no doubt, Guy, that the breadcrumbs of where we are today leads right back to the time before the Supreme Court on the outside of the, so to speak, where Chuck Schumer, the most powerful Democrat leader in the Senate, said words that should have been denounced, vilified by every single outlet in the country. Yet with that level of silence, the folks who are listening to him have led to the strongest aggressive behavior we’ve seen not in modern history, but in the lifetime of the court against sitting justices for one purpose to intimidate them into changing their minds because of fear of physical threats. That is disgusting. To be frank with you, I can’t imagine Chuck Schumer looking back at his words and not realizing that the breadcrumbs leads right back to him.”