Dr. Nicole Saphier Reacts To New Harvard Study On The Harms Of Pandemic School Closures

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Dr. Nicole Saphier, Board Certified Medical Doctor, Senior Fox News Medical Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss a new Harvard study that outlines the harms of pandemic driven school closures and remote learning.

Dr. Saphier reacted to the Study by saying,

“As the Harvard study points out, the children who suffered the most are those in the lowest income areas, specifically in blue states, which kept their children out of school without any any viable data demonstrating a benefit to it. The CDC has completely failed in its ability to put forth any sort of randomized controlled trial or anything showing a benefit. They couldn’t do it in 2020. They didn’t do it in 2021. And here we are looking at the repercussions of their actions in 2022.”