From Washington: Negotiations Stall As More Aid Approved For Ukraine

Almost two full months into Russia’s war on Ukraine and negotiations to end this war remain at a stand-still, FOX News National Security Correspondent Jen Griffin weighs in on President Biden’s response and handling of the situation. While U.S. troops are not actively stationed in Ukraine, United States military aid has been a reliable resource for Ukrainians as they valiantly defend their nation.

As the Congressional recess comes to a close and members of Congress return from their respective recess travels, FOX News Congressional Correspondent, Chad Pergram joins to discuss what’s next on the agenda, from COVID-19 mandates to the Russian War on Ukraine. Chad reflects on how in previous years this period of recess was used as an opportunity to form alliances across the aisle and negotiate strategies to effectively govern and get bills passed in Congress. However, due to social distancing and mask mandates, it’s become harder for congressmen to soften bi-partisan opposition.