Governor Mike Dunleavy Calls Out Goldman Sachs & Other Oil Companies Saying They’re Not Going Invest In Oil In Arctic Alaska Yet Will Invest In Arctic Russia

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the Biden Administration’s regulations stopping Alaska and other states from producing oil while simultaneously turning to foreign countries to fulfil our energy needs. Dunleavy says the Biden Administration are coming up with all kinds of reasons not to produce oil here in America. This approach makes no sense according to Dunleavy because if you’re going to burn oil from another country, it’s going to be developed under questionable environmental practices. Dunleavy says it is a win-win allowing Alaska to produce oil because they have toughest environmental regulations on the planet, producing cleaner oil and guaranteeing it will take care of the environment both here and overseas, where they don’t have the same environmental regulations.