Peter Doocy On The White House Response To Recent Putin Aggression In Ukraine

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Peter Doocy, Fox News Channel’s White House Correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show to react to recent provocations from Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the Russian- Ukraine crisis hits a fever pitch.

Doocy had this to say,

“It’s kind of a weird day at the White House because since it’s a federal holiday, it’s not like a normally functioning office. They obviously have the capabilities to get classified information and to have small meetings. But for all intents and purposes, most of the staff seem to be off campus. But they waited until Putin finished talking today, and then they announced some very limited like financial, very narrowly targeted financial sanctions on this part of Ukraine that Putin is claiming isn’t part of Ukraine anymore. Um, but that’s it so far today, and we’re waiting to see if the president’s going to come out. They haven’t given us a lid yet, so it’s possible that he could be seen on camera, but otherwise we might just be on the lookout in our inboxes for like an executive order. And that’s it.”