Enes Kanter Freedom Reacts to J.A. Adande Downplaying China’s Genocide: ‘Many Scared To Talk About China Because They Care So Much About Money’

NBC has refused to air a commercial during the Beijing Olympics that condemns genocide in China. Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL) tried to purchase time during the Olympics coverage to air the ad, which features NBA basketball player Enes Kanter Freedom. The ad takes China to task for its actions and calls out companies that want to do business with China and in China but refuse to say anything about the genocide and other horrors taking place in the communist nation. Enes Freedom calls for Americans to “stand for freedom” and “defund the dictators,” before telling consumers that “when you see ‘made in China,’ put it down.” But NBC refused the ad. Guy gets reaction from Rep. Waltz & Enes Freedom Kanter.

Plus: ESPN guest compares GOP-led voter laws to Chinese genocide & President Biden is afraid to meet with Kanter Freedom? The basketball player weighs in.

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