Chris Christie: ‘Inexperienced’ DeSantis Gets ‘Too Cute’ In Avoiding Questions on Trump, Vaccines

Former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, joined the Guy Benson show to discuss the school mask mandate being lifted in NJ, VP Pence saying he could not overturn the 2020 election & the direction of the Republican party.

On Gov. DeSantis avoiding questions on Trump, Vaccines Christie said the following:

“Well, look, I just think when you’re a public like, you have an obligation to answer questions when the answers are obvious. I mean, this is also a Governor DeSantis not being willing to answer whether he got the booster shot or not. I understand people have medical privacy issues, but you’re a leader who’s attempting to encourage people, which I assume the governor is and he has, and he has right. So why not answer that question? I think sometimes people who are inexperienced in politics get themselves a little bit too wound up in trying to overthink this stuff. I think the best policy has always been use common sense and tell the truth. And the truth of the matter is that, of course, Mike Pence is right. He does not have the authority to have overturn the election as the vice president. You don’t have to get into whether you think all the voting was perfect or whether even if, whether you thought the election was fair or not. In the question that he was asked, just who’s right? Well, Pence is obviously legally, constitutionally correct. Why did you have a hard time answering that question? And when you try to be too cute on this stuff, my experience has been over the last decade and a half. I’ve been in national public life. It almost always comes back to bite you.”

On Gov. Murphy lifting the school mask mandate March 7 Christie said:

I think the politics are closing in on Phil Murphy and that’s why he did this. He did this, I think, and I think you’ll see he’ll probably wind up avoiding that piece of legislation now that was going to severely limit his emergency powers. And so I think it’s all about politics and the waiting of a month is because he’s a stubborn guy and he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong to have the masks on for this long. So he’s going to give it a month to make it seem like I was right about this and we still need another month. But I’m going to do it and get rid of it after a month. It’s a emblem of Phil Murphy’s declining political position in the state capital and his stubbornness.

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