Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the increase in crime in America. Johnson says it is open season on law enforcement fostered by leftists that want to defund the police. Johnson points to democrat controlled inner cities where we are seeing the increase in crime and how there is catch and release in our criminal justice system with low and no bail policies. On reports that the White House wasn’t prepared to evacuate Afghan citizens hours before Kabul fell to the Taliban, Johnson believes this shouldn’t surprise anybody. Johnson says the dangerous surrender of Afghanistan is disastrous and gives the wrong signal to our adversaries, as we see Russia surround Ukraine, China flying over Taiwan territories, Iran more active in Yemen and North Korea testing weapons. Senator Johnson also weighed in on the Johns Hopkins study that said the lockdowns didn’t reduce Covid deaths. Johnson feels we didn’t need a study to show how our pandemic response was a miserable failure. Johnson said we should have focused on taking care of the elderly people, people with certain co-morbidities while isolating the infected and the rest of us should have carried out our lives.

Senator Johnson also spoke about the White House calling for social media platforms to do more to call out misinformation. Johnson asks, will President Biden be censored for saying if you get vaccinated, you won’t get sick. Johnson says these people who control the media & social media, can’t afford to be proven wrong, which is why they are digging in and doubling down.