Fox News contributor Lara Trump joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about the possibility of Hillary Clinton making one more run at the White House in 2024.

President Biden has been dealing with multiple crises during his first year in office, including soaring inflation,  crime spikes in many major U.S. cities and the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this, there is growing speculation the former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee could try and get back into the political spotlight. Lara says the failures of the Biden administration are opening the door for Hillary to make her big comeback.

“This Democrat Party is just in the dumpster. It doesn’t get any worse than this crew that we have running the country right now. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris haven’t even been in office for an entire year, not one full year. It is a given that after if you’re a first-term President, you’re going to run for a second term. Your Vice President will likely be your running mate. We can’t even consider these two, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as viable candidates for the Democratic Party because they have failed on every possible level for the American people. They’ve done such a bad job that even their party is like, yeah we’re really not going to talk about this anymore. So then you’ve got Hillary Clinton waiting in the wings, salivating. They just dug her right up out of the moth balls and they have brushed her off. She’s ready to go. It started with that video that we all saw of her crying while she read the speech that she was supposed to give had she won the election. I think the American people would love to see a Trump v. Clinton one more time. Just one for the books. Let’s do it again.”

Lara also points out the differences between how the media covers Biden compared to the ways in which they portrayed former President Trump and his administration.

Later, Host of “Kennedy” on Fox Business Kennedy stops by to discuss the President’s disastrous week. Listen to the podcast to hear what else Lara and Kennedy had to say!