Senator John Cornyn: President Biden Was Sounding Like A Demagog In His Voting Rights Speech Saying Things He Knew Were Not True

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) tells Brian Kilmeade he was embarrassed for President Biden during his speech on voting rights in Georgia. Cornyn says the President was sounding like a demagogue, saying things that he knew were not true and advocating for things he fought against for 30 years during the time he was in the Senate, including, eliminating the filibuster. Cornyn thought it was embarrassing to hear President Biden go after states like Georgia and Texas since they have more expansive voting laws than his home state of Delaware. Cornyn warns some of the proposals the democrats are making for a federal takeover of voting include, eliminating voter I.D., mandating ballot harvesting and forcing taxpayers to support political candidates they disagree with, all through the false narrative of voter suppression.