Emily Compagno: Don’t Count On Jussie Smollett Serving Much Jail Time For His Hate Crime Hoax

Co-Host of Outnumbered Emily Compagno stops by Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to provide some legal expertise on the amount of jail time Jussie Smollett could end up serving. The actor has been found guilty on five of the six counts against him for staging a hate crime and lying to police officers in 2019. According to Emily, a somewhat similar case in Illinois from a decade ago might give us a hint about the type of punishment Smollett is facing.

“The precedent there in Illinois, the prior conviction for this which was sort of a funny story, which was a guy in 2011 who faked that he was attacked and robbed of his Oprah tickets because he was too embarrassed to tell his wife that he didn’t have Oprah tickets.  He was convicted of the same thing, disorderly conduct. As we know there in Illinois, filing a false police report falls under disorderly conduct, and he was convicted and he served no time. So that’s the precedent. However, here there’s five convictions, and also there were about 100,000 man hours expended investigating this. So let’s see what the sentencing is. I think some jail time might be warranted. Who knows? Because apparently here arson doesn’t get you jail time and a lot of other things, so don’t expect it.”

Emily also brings attention to some of the detrimental effects of criminal justice reform. She believes the current legal system is flawed because in some cases, the perpetrator is getting more sympathy than the victim.

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