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Bill Melugin, National correspondent for Fox News joined the Guy Benson Show to give an update on the crisis at the southern border. Melugin reported that the number of encounters of illegal immigrants is not slowing down. With border crossers being found to have come from 120 different countries throughout the world.

Melugin gave an update on the border from the Rio Grande sector saying,

“It’s absolutely not the case, and it’s not slowing down at all. For instance, Rio Grande Valley sector where we are right now, when you talk about the start of the fiscal year, which will be October 1st, they’re up one hundred and sixty five percent over the same time last year, Del Rio, about five hours away from us. That sector, they’re up two hundred and thirty five percent from last year so that both sectors are getting hit incredibly hard just on Monday of this week. There were nearly 2000 people apprehended in a 24 hour period.”

Melugin also reported on where the illegal immigrants are coming from saying,

“Just for instance, Del Rio Sector just reported this last weekend. They picked up more than 3500 illegal immigrants from, I believe it was 37 or 39 different countries. And since the beginning of this crisis, with all sectors, they’ve picked up migrants from 120 different countries around the world.”