Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX): Biden Administration Continues To Ignore Border Crisis

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Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss what the state of Texas is doing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants crossing through the southern border.

Texas Governor Abbott said,

“So first, the Biden administration continues to ignore the border, continue to promote these open border policies that are a complete disaster is one of the reasons why even the Democrats disagree with Biden on his border policy and independents and Republicans view what Biden is doing is completely a catastrophe. So what the state of Texas is doing is we’re stepping up and we are having to provide the response that the federal government should be providing. We’ve deployed thousands of National Guard as well as Texas Department of Public Safety Officers, and they are preparing as we speak for these caravans that are coming. We are preparing for a repeat of what everyone saw take place in Del Rio, Texas, where we saw these thousands of Haitians who were coming across the border who really weren’t from Haiti. They’ve been living in South America for almost a half a decade, if not longer. But we know that this caravan is coming. And so we are not just deploying officers, but they are putting up all different kinds of barricades and different kinds of locations. We’ve identified the top twenty three low water crossings so that we can barricade and guard those first.”