Dr. Marty Makary On Johns Hopkins Led Covid Natural Immunity Study

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Dr. Marty Makary, Fox News Contributor, Surgeon, and A Professor Of Health Policy At The Johns Hopkins School Of Public Health joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about the John Hopkins led study on covid-19 natural immunity.

Dr. Makary talked about the study saying,

“Yes. We’ve invited people on this and the study, by the way, got so much of a response. We have so many people volunteer that it’s closed now. So I just want people to know we’re not accepting new people. Well, we’ve got a lot of folks over a thousand who now have had their blood drawn and we’re looking at the results and we’re going to get the final results in the next few weeks, maybe several weeks. We’ll see what the data show, but the hypothesis is that natural immunity is durable. It’s effective, it’s solid or, you know, it may wane. It may be no good. Close to two years, we’ll find out, but this is data that we need right now to inform policy. All the other data suggest that it’s going to be solid, so we’ll see. We’ve got a big team. There are a lot of independent people verifying the data, so there’s no way no one has to worry about, you know, interference with political ideology on the results. This will be a solid scientific study.”