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Katie Pavlich, Editor for & Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the politics of the Virgina Governors race.

Pavlich slammed former President Obama for comments made on the campaign trail for Democrat McAuliffe saying,

“The idea that the former president came in and argued that these very serious issues that, by the way taxpayers are paying for, they pay for the schools they pay for their children’s education are some trumped up idea. When everybody can see what’s going on, they can see that parents are being locked out of school board meetings and all the things that we’ve talked about. I think only that makes people want to get out and vote on behalf of Glenn Youngkin even more to have Barack Obama come in and do this divisive, you know, make these divisive statements as an outsider of someone who doesn’t live in Virginia who’s not dealing with these issues firsthand and to kind of shove them off as the right wing media is running the campaign in Virginia, which Trump lost by, what, 10 points? It’s insulting, and it’s just, you know, completely cut off from reality and what people are dealing with in the state.”