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David Asher, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute and former investigator into covid-19 origins at the State Department joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the recent reporting on the origins of Covid-19 in China and ‘gain of function’ research.

Asher reacted to recent reporting on the NIH’s involvement in funding ‘gain of function’ research saying,

“The key thing is gain of function research. I can categorically say from my perspective as investigator was being funded by the NIH at the Wuhan Institute from at least 2015, probably longer, I talked to maybe 50 U.S. government scientists, including NIH scientists, and they were in general agreement that the research that was done and reported in published papers, including a famous paper by a guy named Dr. Ralph Baric from University of North Carolina and Dr. Shi, the bat lady at one institute, did constitute gain of function research.”

Asher added,

“I say it’s about nine, about probably 95 percent confidence that a lab origin was involved in the creation of COVID 19 or an immediate predecessor that then morphed into COVID 19, I think it’s every single boxes checked that they were doing the research on all the different features that are distinct in the sequence.”