Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the latest on how many Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan. Issa says we have gotten over 250 out successfully after we have been told there were between 100 to 200 tops stranded. Issa explains it is vitally important for Americans to understand how the Biden administration categorizes those who want to leave Afghanistan. Issa says if a person says they will not leave without their mother, wife or child, they are considered by the Biden administration as not wanting to leave. Issa said it comes down to a person being willing to abandon their family in order to be a qualified American. When asked about what needs to be done to solve the supply chain problem, Issa believes this won’t be solved by President Biden. Issa says the ports in Long Beach and L.A. have become less efficient as they became backed up believes if these companies are given a choice of either fixing the problem or the government will intervene, they will find a way to get back on track. Issa believes the ultimatum will lead to the companies bringing in a surge of employees or working overtime and to do the things the unions are not allowing them to do to get the supply chain moving.